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GW & Son About Us - Celette with white car

GW & Son opened its doors in 1984, founded by the father and son team Gary Wano Sr. and Gary Wano Jr. From its inception, the business has experienced success by being forward-thinking – staying on the cutting edge of the industry.

From the beginning, we have developed and fostered strong relationships with dealerships and vehicle manufacturers. When collision repair certifications entered the industry, we were on the leading edge, earning luxury certifications from Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar, Land Rover, and more. We are a Tesla Approved body shop as well. The certification business model fits our commitment to repairing your vehicle following strict manufacturer guidelines.

We’re here to help you in your time of need and make your collision repair as stressless as possible!

GW & Son About Us - Celette with white car

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Gary Wano, Jr – Executive Vice President of GW & Son Auto Body Shop

Gary Wano, Jr. started his career in the collision repair industry as a paint technician. In 1984, Gary and his father, Gary Wano Sr., opened GW & Son. Gary Wano Sr. focuses on the production floor and Gary Jr. is focused on staying at the cutting edge of collision repair.

Gary also focuses on improving the industry for consumers outside of his own shop, serving in leadership roles in organizations such as Society of Collision Repair Specialists, National Auto Body Council, Automotive Service Association, Collision Industry Conference, Collision Industry Electronic Commerce Association, Fellowship of Concerned Repairers, and the Oklahoma Auto Body Association.

He has won numerous awards throughout his career from these organizations and other consumer advocacy organizations for his innovative leadership.

Gary isn’t afraid to speak his mind and stick up for what’s right for you.


GW & Son is proud to be a family owned and operated body shop. Owner, Gary Wano, started out in the collision repair industry as a paint technician. In 1984 Gary and his father, Gary Wano, Sr, opened their own shop focused on high quality customer service and collision repairs following the manufacturer’s strict guidelines.

We combine the excellence you expect from a luxury brand, with the personalized service of a family owned and operated business.

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At GW & Son, we work with all insurance companies. We refuse to be a part of any insurance company “Direct Repair Program” referral agreements that expect us to cut corners. In some cases, these insurance companies tell you anything to discourage you from choosing a quality shop like GW & Sons to protect their profit margins.

Our owner Gary Wano is a passionate consumer advocate in the collision repair industry since the late 1980s, winning recognition throughout the country from various consumer advocacy organizations. He has had leadership roles at the Collision Industry Conference’s, Anti-Fraud/Ethics Committee, National Auto Body Council, Society of Collision Repair Specialists, the Automotive Service Association’s Oklahoma chapter,  the Repair Advisory Panel of the Collision Industry Electronic Commerce Association, the Fellowship of Concerned Repairers, and the Oklahoma Auto Body Association.

Gary Wano was inducted into the Collision Industry Hall of Eagles. Also, he received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Society of Collision Repair Specialists for his contribution to the industry throughout his career.

Work with a repairer like GW & Son, who prioritizes you, the vehicle owner. Get all the information you need to know to make the best choices for the safety value of your vehicle. Allow us to review your claim and provide you a no-cost consultation, and see if we are the repairer for you!

GW & Son About Us - Welder Performing Metal Repair
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    From Our Customers…

    G W & Son Auto Body did an excellent job on my Tesla Model S. They made sure I dropped it off with my charger and over the time they had it they charged it twice. I kept an eye on the battery because of other Tesla reviews, but they never let it fall below 100 miles. My insurance company was being very difficult through the whole process but Gary handled everything for me. I honestly can’t tell it was in an accident. they communicated throughout the whole process so I was never left out if the loop.
    Adam Filer
    This is the best body shop in town. If you have a specialty car it may be the only one certified for you. But even with standard cars they provide the best restoration service I’ve experienced. It often takes a little longer with their repairs. I think because they are meticulous. And, they have even saved me money and time on a repair the insurance’s “preferred” shop didn’t realize was less severe. I was able to pay out of pocket and save my deductible. Great staff. I’ve been using them for 15 years and will keep coming back.
    Matthew Jared
    Top of the line family and crew. They repaired my Jaguar to top condition after a minor scrape up where someone was allowed to operate a vehicle without any sense. Unfortunately, it happens; and if it does happen you can count on an honest evaluation and top quality workmanship from Gary & the crew at GW & Son Auto Body Shop. We’re back for more already ugh.
    Stacie Harper